DiaoYuTai – State Guest Liquor – 500ml 53% alc./vol

Place of Origin:Guizhou, China

Component:Sorghum, wheat, water

Alcohol content:53% alc./vol.

AB SKU#:863003

Product Details

The Diaoyutai sauce aroma liquor is produced in Maotai Town,Guizhou, China, a place has superior water sources, geology andclimatic conditions for liquor making.

The Diaoyutai liquor uses local high-quality glutinous sorghum, wheat and water asraw materials, and uses the special natural environment to inherit the classic sauce aromaliquor brewing technology. The whole process takes more than 5 years from production,storage to delivery. It adopts the liquor blending method*, which does not use any additionalsubstances including water.

The packaging of this Diaoyutai State Guest Liquor is made of Yixing purple clay pottery bottle, with the words “Diaoyutai” handwritten by Emperor Qianlong on it. The words “Thirty-eighth Year of Qianlong” printed on the bottom of the bottle is to commemorate this unforgettable history. The red outer box is stamped with gold stamping, which is more graceful and luxurious, full of royal momentum.

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